Academic Obligations

    • Weekly Journal - Maintain a weekly journal indicating tasks, personal relationships, problems, and reflections. Submit to your teacher for review through Google classroom at the end of the semester.
    • Weekly Timelog - A weekly time log must be kept on Google sheets and shared with the Internship Coordinator and your site supervisor. Submit to your teacher for review at the end of the semester.
    • Capstone Project – This will be a project that you will work on throughout your internship and at the end you will be required to present .
    • Portfolio - a binder containing
      • Weekly Journal Entries
      • Weekly Time Log
      • Site Supervisor and Internship Program Coordinator contact information page
      • Resume


  • Eligible students participate in the Internship Program at either the beginning or the end of each academic school day (A-block or G-block).

    A limited number of NHS in-school internships are available but must be approved prior to the beginning of each semester by the Internship Coordinator.

    Students provide their own transportation to and from the internship location as needed.

    Students choose and obtain their own internship. Students are welcome to find an internship site on their own or work with the program coordinator. 


  • Student who...

    • Are in good academic and behavioral standing
    • Are on track to graduate in June of their senior year.
    • Submitted the Internship Application, Policies and Consent Form to Mr. Smith before the start of the next semester. For the fall/winter semester prior to May 31st and for the winter/spring semester prior to December 22nd.


  • The internship course is unweighted.

    All students will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Successful completion of all requirements will earn students 2.5 credits.

    Any student not enrolled in the Internship Seminar course requesting 2.5 credits for internship hours they have done on their own throughout high school will be required to provide documentation of a minimum of 75 hours of service along with: a weekly journal documenting the hours, a signed timelog from their site supervisor, and a Capstone Project.