Meeting the Portrait of a Graduate Aims

  • The NPS Portrait of a Graduate guides our Community Service Program.

Graphic showing Newburyport Portrait of a Graduate aims

What is Community Service?

  • Over the years, students have raked for the elderly, tutored younger students, walked in support of a cause, volunteered at a nursing home, hospital, school or animal shelter, and performed music for outside groups.

    What's your interest? Check out the Community Service Guide.

Will Community Service Earn Credits?

  • For the first 75 hours you complete, you will receive 2.5 credits. An additional 2.5 credits can be earned for 75 more hours of service.

    Any additional hours after the 150 hours will be noted on your transcript.

    Community service is not a requirement for graduation, but it is for National Honor Society acceptance.

How Do I Document My Service?

  • Register as a participant with your guidance counselor.

    Prepare a journal for the hours you volunteer.

    Fill out time sheets.