Welcome Back to School Letter, August 10, 2022

Hello Clipper Families

I hope this letter finds you well and excited to have your child start a new school year.  We are making final preparations for the beginning of school, and we are looking forward to welcoming all students back on Wednesday, August 31st and seeing Grade 9 and New Students during their orientation day on Tuesday, August 30th

Over the first 2 days of school, we have adjusted the schedule so that students can adjust to school, both academically and socially. On August 31st and September 1st, students will have time to meet with their advisors, review and practice school and class routines, participate in grade-level assemblies, and reflect on opening and school year goals. 

They will also cycle through all of their classes and review course syllabi and objectives. Our 3-day rotating schedule will then begin on September 6th when students return from their 4-day holiday weekend. 

The first full week of school will culminate with our Fall Rally. Overall, our intent is to ensure all students have a great start to school that propels them towards a successful year marked by their own growth and achievement. 

Please take time to read the information below.  You will find updates on:

Go Clippers!


Recognizing how quickly calendars fill-up once summer ends, I wanted to provide you with some dates of interest.  Please click on this 2022-23 Important Dates Link to see this information.  Also don’t forget to follow us on various social media accounts.  Here is a link for those addresses


The beginning of school involves the collection of important student information.  Please use this link or see the attachment to view the materials you will need to complete and return or just review.  You will also be able to access all forms on the “Forms” tab on the high school website. 


Like last school year, we encouraged students to bring their own computer device to school. Though lessons will not always involve the use of a computer, having access to one is advantageous. For students who may not have access to a device, we have Chromebooks in school that can be used during the school day.  To get a sense of how many students will need access to a computer, students will complete a survey on the first day of school.

1:1 Device Program Update

Over the past 2 years, a team has explored 1:1 Device Programs at different schools across the North Shore and throughout Massachusetts.  

A 1:1 program aims to have every student use the same device.  This allows a school to target professional development so that teachers can optimize methods of student engagement, creativity, and innovation during lessons.  The type of device a school chooses makes a big difference in how teachers design lessons with the aforementioned in mind.  Here is a link to a school committee meeting a year ago that shares an update on the process at that time and the results of a pilot using an iPad Pro in the classroom.  

As of right now, our educational team is expecting to make a decision about a device and roll-out plan in mid-fall. I will be sharing this plan with the community once it is finalized.   For this school year, like the past few years, we continue to encourage students to bring their own device to school.    


Please click on this link to view your students’ counselor assignment. 

Also, as a reminder, if there are any issues or concerns with a student’s schedule, please email schedule@newburyport.k12.ma.us.

Students have until September 16th when they return to school to meet with their counselors for schedule changes that include being under-enrolled or enrolled in the wrong classes. 


The school council is responsible for providing input into the high school’s improvement plan, budget and student handbook.  The council consists of the building principals, parents, teachers, community members, and students. 

Last school year, Jamie Grant and Anya Brunnick served as the parent representatives on the council.  Anya will continue into the 2nd year of her 2-year term and Jamie’s seat will be open as he has completed his 2-year commitment. 

If you are interested in running for a seat on the School Council, please complete this nomination form by Thursday, Sept 1 at 5:00 PM.  If necessary, an election will take place in mid-September.

Thank you, Jamie for your time spent on the council over the past 2 years.