• The NHS School Counseling Department supports the American School Counseling Association national standards and the Massachusetts Model for school counseling by providing academic, career, and personal/social development, including post-secondary support for all students at NHS. School counseling programming is delivered to students in grades 9-12 through a classroom developmental guidance curriculum, individual meetings, and various group activities.

    At each school level, counselors provide transition services to assist students as they move on to the next level of their academic journey. Students also explore their skills and talents in a variety of ways and begin to think about what they plan to do after graduation from high school. At the high school, students and counselors use Naviance and MEFA Pathway to explore post-graduation options and careers. There are also parent information sessions on college and post-graduate planning and financial aid. 

  • Grade 9:

    The counseling team works to support the incoming freshman class to Newburyport High School. Students meet during the first semester to become familiar with their new school, get to know each other, and build a relationship with their counselor. Counselors review supports and resources, getting involved at NHS, goal-setting, and decision-making. Students learn about study skills, time management and other topics. 


  • Grade 10:

    During their sophomore year, counselors will meet with students to help them understand the importance of high school course and/or program performance in relation to their personal, academic, and career aspirations and to develop skills to research postsecondary options.

  • Grade 11:

    The junior year curriculum revolves around discussion and preparation for life after graduation. Students have another opportunity to sit for the PSAT in the fall and are invited to make individual appointments with counselors throughout the year. In addition, many juniors choose to take the SAT or ACT for the first time during the winter or spring.

    Students will also start to think about post-secondary options, begin college searches and visits, and learn about college application terminology.

  • Grade 12

    During senior year, counselors are truly supporting students each step of the way in their post-secondary decisions. Students will demonstrate the ability to navigate and use a variety of technology tools in order to select their career and/or college options. They will complete the application process for their post-secondary choice(s),demonstrate an understanding of FAFSA, have access to it, and complete it with other financial aid applications related to their individual postsecondary goals.