Get Started Enrolling Today

Enrollment Steps Graphic
    Complete the Required Enrollment Forms (listed below)

    Collect copies of the Required Documents (listed below)

    Contact the appropriate school for an appointment:

    • PS-3: Francis T. Bresnahan School, Lori Morasse (978) 465-4435 x3125 (Drop off enrollment forms at door 1. No appointment necessary)
    • 4-5: Edward G. Molin School, Diane Quigley (978) 463-8212
    • 6-8: Rupert A. Nock Middle School, Kimberly Van Twuyver (978) 465-4447 (Please email or call. No appointment necessary.)
    • 9-12: Newburyport High School, Jessica LeBlanc (Please email. No appointment is needed.)

Required Documents

    1. Student’s birth certificate
    2. Student’s most recent health record including lead test, immunization and physical (for more details see Health Entry Requirements
    3. Proof of Newburyport Residency. This must be one of the following: utility bill (e.g., water bill, electric bill, cable bill) OR a mortgage/lease agreement.
    4. For enrolling in grades 10-12 only: a copy of student's high school transcript as well as a list of current courses

Additional Information

    • Current Progress Report, Individual Education Plan, or 504 Plan (if applicable) (Follow links for information on Special Education, 504 Plans, and English Language Programs)
    • Letter stating any placement concerns

    If you are unable to produce documentation, please contact the school office for guidance.

    NPS has an English Learner Family Liaison who can assist families who do not speak English as a first language. Please let the school receptionist know if you need translation support.