English Language Program

  • Our English Language Program mission is to provide instruction and programs that promote academic achievement for students whose primary language is not English and who are not yet proficient in English.

    A rigorous academic program is provided for all students using the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the WIDA English language development standards. Services focus on the four language domains: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students have access to both sheltered content classes and English as a Second Language classes.

    Our English language learners (ELLs) and their families are supported both culturally and linguistically by our ESL teachers, who act as the bridge to understanding the cultural expectations of the district and community of Newburyport.

    Newburyport serves numerous K-12 English language learners. They are from many different countries and speak many different languages. Some of the languages represented are Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, French, Arabic, and Amharic.

ELL Teams

  • Each school has an ELL team. These teams meet quarterly to review student data, student progress, and curriculum and service delivery. In addition, the teams develop English Learner Education (ELE) program procedures.

    The teams include ESL teachers, building administrators, classroom teachers, and the EL Director.

ELL Parent Group

  • Newburyport Public Schools believes that parents play an important role in their students' programs and should be involved in all aspects of their education. Building a relationship between parents and school professionals is essential to the success of the student's academic and social life.

    The ELL Parent Group meets several times each year. The goals of the group are to:

    • Help parents understand our schools' culture and procedures
    • Improve communications between staff and parents
    • Make it possible for parents to meet other parents
    • Stress the importance of home language
    • Help parents understand the school's ELL program and its benefits

Meet the EL Staff

Name Position Grade Phone
Brendan Burke ESL Teacher Grades 9-12 (978) 465-4440
Juliana Cuddy ELL Parent Community Liaison Grades K-12 (978) 465-4431
Emily De La Cruz ESL Teacher Grades K-3 (978) 465-4431
LisaMarie Ippolito ELE Director - Assistant Superintendent Grades K-12 (978) 465-4456
Nancy Kreusser ESL Teacher Grades 4-8 (978) 465-4447
Courtney Lopes ESL Teacher Grades K-5 (978) 465-4431
Chrissa Pissios District ELE Coordinator Grades K-12 (978) 465-4440
Jessica Trewhella ESL Teacher Grades 4-8 (978) 465-4447
Pam Grant ESL Teacher Grades 9-12 (978) 465-4440