graphic showing headline Culturally Responsive Teaching


  • As the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidance on Culturally Responsive Classrooms notes, "cultural responsiveness is essential for all students in the classroom, regardless of their background, culture, or identity."

    NPS believes that each person is worthy of respect and that a strong community celebrates individual uniqueness. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion work is based on the understanding that education is fundamental to an empowered, evolving society. Creating a school culture that brings these beliefs to life means continuously addressing issues of bias, diversity, and equity at every level of the organization. Our work is focused on three main areas:

    • Educator Professional Development
    • School Culture Development
    • Student Programming and Events

    This infomational report provides an overview of the ongoing work in the Newburyport Public Schools (NPS) around diversity, equity, inclusion, and culturally responsive classrooms. 

    These areas of focus are underscored by our responsibility to build a learning culture where every student and staff member can say "I belong here."