• Newburyport Public School Department has adopted student medication policies in accordance with Massachusetts State Laws. These policies have been designed for the safety of all students attending the Newburyport Schools.

    For any prescription medication (daily or as needed) to be given during the school day, the parent must complete the Daily/As Needed Medication Admin Parental Consent form and obtain a physician's medication order.

    • Medications cannot be given during before-school and after-school programs and organized activities (e.g., sports, clubs), as there is no nurse available during these times. Contact your school nurse for further information.
    • Parents/guardians must pick up all unused, discontinued, or outdated medications at the end of each school year. Uncollected medications will be destroyed by the school nurse according to Massachusetts regulation.

    If you have any questions, contact your child’s School Nurse. Click on the  Medication Protocols to see the guidelines the Newburyport School Nurses use under the direction of the school physician.  For younger children, parents are consulted before medication is given.