Course Overview

  • Students will begin or continue to develop skills in the areas of music performance, instrumentation technique, music history and theory. Materials will be presented at a progressive learning level depending on ensemble grade and skill level.

    Skills include but are not limited to: reading music notation, developing music vocabulary, iconic names in music history, listening to and playing a variety of musical genres, appropriate performance and audience etiquette.

Instrument Overview

  • Ensemble Instrumentation

    Flute, Soprano Clarinet (Bass for 7th/8th grade), Alto Saxophone (Tenor or Baritone for 7th/8th grade), Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium


    • 6th: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Bell Kit
    • 7th-8th: Includes extensive auxiliary percussion

    We have an array of full drum kits in the band room which can be used as needed to repertoire.

Ensemble Schedule

  • Students meet twice a week during their Flex period.

    Day One is for a half-hour instrumental sectional lesson. Day Two is for a one-hour ensemble rehearsal. Music activities are held during Flex time to ensure there is no disruption to or removal from other class work periods.

Instrument Loaning / Rental

  • We are able to provide a modest selection of instrument loaners at no charge to families.

    If there is an instrument we are not able to provide, we will be happy to help coordinate a rental with Needham Music. They provide top-quality rentals at very affordable rates (

Course Grading

  • While the primary mission of the Nock Music Department is to encourage and instill the joy of playing, we strive equally to ensure the development of music performance techniques and skills.

    Assessment in Concert Band is based on a combination of:

    • Attendance at weekly sectional lessons and ensemble rehearsals
    • Positive conduct and effort are shown during music learning periods
    • As applicable: Submission of practice charts, assigned material recording, etc
    • Attendance at required seasonal performances

Performance Opportunities 

  • Specific dates can be found on the District Calendar and full details will be provided by Directors.

    We are proud to provide an ambitious variety of enriching performance opportunities for our ensembles. Please note that while some performances are optional, participation at some is required as part of course enrollment.

    Fall & Spring Recitals: Optional performances provide an opportunity for students to perform any piece they wish on any instrument they wish as a solo or as part of a small chamber group 

    Holiday Invitation Nights: Optional Holiday-themed community performance in downtown Market Square 

    Winter Concert: Required performance of the Nock Concert Bands, Choruses, Orchestras

    Newburyport Spring Fest: Optional performance for the community on stage behind Firehouse Arts Center

    Spring Music In the Parks Performance & Field Trip (7th/8th Grade): Students will travel to perform at a location in the Agawam MA, area then enjoy a day at Six Flags New England. 

    Spring Waterfront Festival: Required district-wide Spring Concert performance given by Grades 1-12 Performing Arts departments.

    8th Grade Graduation: This performance provides short processional and recessional music for our 8th grade Class Day. It is optional for 6th graders, required for 7th graders, and the 8th grade ensemble will perform a featured piece during the exercises.

    Possible Additional Performances: School Assemblies (Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, etc.)