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School Choice 2024-2025

  • On May 20th, the School Committee voted to open three slots in Grade 1 for the 2024-2025 school year.  Official application period is now open (link to application form below).  

    GRADE 1  -  three openings for 2024-2025

    Applications must be received by Friday, June 14, 2024.



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School Choice Process

  • The School Committee decides annually whether Newburyport Public Schools will participate in the state's School Choice program, usually in late March/early April.

    The School Committee and administration determine seat availability at each grade level and recommend whether to open slots. When registration opens, the school district will advertise any open seats in the local newspaper, as well as in the School Choice section of the district's webpage. (appx. done in early/mid April).

    Once advertised, NPS will accept applications during the registration period only for the grades that are available.

    If there are more applicants than seats available at a particular grade level, a lottery will be held to determine who will be accepted and the others will remain on a wait-list in case additional seats become available for the upcoming school year.

    School Choice Application forms are only provided and accepted during the registration period.