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Nock Story Corp Featured on "The Daily Show"

This Week's "Morning Show" Features Nock Middle School's StoryCorps -- with Teachers Eric Schildge and Jennifer Groskin...and Student Mini-Podcast Award Winners         

From host Mary Jacobsen: 

“This week I'm delighted to talk with Eric Schildge and Jen Groskin, 8th grade English and Language Arts teachers at Nock Middle School, who will talk about the StoryCorps style community interview project they recently supervised at Nock Middle School.

Eric and Jen will be accompanied by three 8th graders whose mini-podcasts were selected for awards from among 160 contributing students. All podcasts featured interviews with family or community members focused on interesting aspects of the person’s life and work.

Eric and Jen will discuss StoryCorps’ educational impacts, and how the winning podcasts were selected.

The students will talk about why they chose their interview subjects, how they prepared for the interviews, and what they were inspired by or learned from their interviewees.”

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