NHS Principal Communications - April 26, 2023

Hello Clipper Families,

It was great to welcome everyone back this week.  During the vacation, over 40 students and chaperones participated in a trip to Belize.  It was a wonderful experience for all involved, and we are all proud of how our students served as strong ambassadors of the Newburyport community.   Be sure to see below a summary of their experience and how our international trips fit into our newly established Global Citizenship Program.  I’d also like to congratulate Lily Pons on scoring her 100th career goal in lacrosse and I want to wish our Poetry Team well in the upcoming State Poetry Slam competition.  Be sure to check out the article in today’s paper about our team.

In tonight’s message, you will find information regarding:

  • Schedule To Accommodate Math MCAS
  • Belize Trip Summary – G.L.O.B.A.L Citizenship Program
  • Thank You to NEF
  • Early Summer Endicott College Class

Have a great night and Go Clippers!



On May 16 and 17, our 10th graders will take the math portion of the MCAS.  To provide the best testing environment, the school day for junior and seniors will begin at 11:15 AM.  While our 10th graders take the MCAS, Grade 9 students will participate in their Bio Blitz from 8:15 to 11:15 to prepare for their upcoming MCAS in June. 



The next Endicott course we will be offering to students is an Introduction to Information and Computer Technology class. This class will be offered from May-July.  

Introduction to Information and Computer Technology (CSC101) Examines the relationship of computer hardware, operating systems and applications software. The class provides an introduction to principles of web design, networking, and the Internet and considers the impact of information technology on Society.

Dual enrollment is a program, funded by the NEF, that allows eligible high school students currently attending Newburyport High School to simultaneously enroll in a college course. College credits earned through dual enrollment count for both high school and college. 

Summer Endicott Course Information

Registration Form



We are greatly appreciative that the NEF has continued to fund the Endicott College Dual Enrollment Program.  In the coming weeks, 27 of our students will complete the Forensic Science Course that has been taught by a Sergeant from the Crime Scene Department of the Massachusetts State Police. Students have provided great feedback on their experience with the class and the professor.  



37 NHS students and 6 staff chaperones successfully completed an 8-day learning trip to Belize over April vacation. Students visited 2 Mayan archaeological sites, learning about who the Mayans were (and are today!). They took a jungle survival course and learned how to make snares, hammocks out of sticks, leaves and vines, build a fire, collect water and even ate termites which are high in protein and taste minty. Students also visited a primary school and learned about the education system in Belize.  And finally, they studied the ecosystem of Belize by visiting a butterfly nature preserve, the Belize zoo and snorkeling along the largest living barrier reef in the world.  Students learned what can be done to preserve and restore these habitats.  Thank you to Ms. Maconi, Ms. Rakoski, Ms. Cummins, Mr. Ribaudo-Smith, and Mr. Falzano for chaperoning this experience.

Please see this link for more information regarding our G.L.O.B.A.L Citizenship Program.