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STEAM Expo 2022

Do you know why some things burn and some don’t? Or how felt is made? How about why submarines submerge but don’t sink? Have you ever seen a robotic dog?

On May 26th, students in Grades 1 to 3 participated in the annual STEAM Expo. Students and their teachers learned about science, technology, engineering, art and math by visiting a selection of 16 exhibits run by volunteers from across our extended community – local businesses, non-profit organizations, high school students, and even some Bresnahan parents. 

Thanks to the NHS AP Chemistry class, former Expo organizers Alicia Harshfield and Rachel Forrest-Hay, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and Code & Circuit, many children got to explore these questions and so many more!

In addition to the exhibitors, over 40 volunteer event organizers and chaperones came together to make this year’s Expo a success.

Thank you to all of these volunteers and to the PTO for financial sponsorship – we can’t wait for next year!

A HUGE thank you goes to parent volunteers Shannon Cormier and Stacey MacMillan for coordinating the Expo and creating such a vibrant experience for all of our students!