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NHS CLIPS Program Launch

written by Priya Kaur, NHS class of '25

NHS launched a new program called CLIPS (Clipper Leaders in Practice and Service). CLIPS is designed to advance leadership skills across the school community. The staff, Ms. Jill Moran, Mrs. Amy Heath, Mr. David Clay, Mr. John Trask, Mrs. Katherine Maihiot, Mrs. Lori Solazzo, and Mrs. Lynne Cote, will be working with students who were nominated by staff for their leadership potential.

Mrs. Lynne Cote, one of the coordinators of CLIPS, describes the objective as promoting inclusivity and the spirit of NHS through a diverse group with planned creative activities, opportunities to delve into current issues that the school faces, and activities for students to apply their skills.

The group represents about ten percent of the student population of NHS, and is designed to challenge the participant's leadership skills in hopes of enhancing their strengths while positively impacting the school culture. The students’ background and involvement in the school community invites different perspectives into one space. 

Cote hopes that CLIPS “positively impacts all of our students at NHS from classrooms to hallways to the cafe, at sporting events, and in our activities and programs” as students “commit to doing the work of practicing and strengthening their skills in order to apply them at our school.” 

It’s a great initiative to encourage awareness about our behavior and enhance the influence of our NHS leaders.