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District Goals


Superintendent’s/Leadership/District Goals 2016-2018

District Improvement Goal

By June of 2018 we provide opportunities for all staff to develop actions focused on meeting all students’ holistic and academic needs through teaching, curriculum, and assessment methods within safe and supportive school environments. We will measure this through the PLC’s action plans, measures and student impact reflections.


  • Promote, support and guide Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
  • Offer and approve grants that support Strategic Plan work
  • Create a structure the supports PLCs by providing resources that encourage and allow staff to improve instructional practices
  • Create a culture that supports instructional risk taking
  • Supervise and evaluate administrator/teachers around Strategic Plan work
  • Communicate progress to School Councils, School Committee, and the community-at-large
  • Participate in problem solving with individual administrators and PLC groups
  • Create digital share space for collaboration
  • Lead/participate in an end of the year evaluation of the process with the leadership team
  • Create an end of the year culminating sharing event

Professional Practice Goal

By June 2018, we will strengthen/promote systems around social emotional learning so students can access the curriculum. We will measure this through improved survey data focused on student social, emotional, and motivational skill competencies.


  • Identify & refine existing systems
  • Implement Safe and Supportive Grant goals
  • Provide professional development
  • Promote mindful practices
  • Support and enhance counseling, prevention, and interventions to reduce crisis response
  • Develop a district approach to behavioral health (process and protocols)
  • Examine attendance policy

Student Learning Goal

By November of 2018 we will put supports in place to improve the academic success of our economically disadvantaged student population. We will measured this by improved district and state growth, performance, and attendance data.


  • Facilitate a Root Cause Analysis
  • Define core needs
  • Build partnerships with community and social services
  • Develop a system for parent outreach
  • Provide professional development
  • Identify and implement targeted interventions


Voted by School Committee 12-5-16