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Curriculum Subcommittee

The Curriculum Subcommittee of the Whole School Committee scope/goals:

    • Discuss and exchange knowledge regarding trends, issues, and best practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, etc.
    • Venue to ask questions and gain answers (become more “well versed”) on curriculum topics of interest to the public, in order to report out to School Committee and public (i.e., AP courses, common core, MCAS vs. PARCC, vertical articulation)
    • Understand and discuss impacts of budgetary changes to curriculum, instruction, and accountability
    • Help administration in establishing short- and long-term priorities or vetting ideas for changes to curriculum, instruction, and accountability (i.e., professional development needs, class size), and understand/communicate budgetary implications associated with those priorities/changes
    • Help serve as a conduit to the public and school administration on soliciting suggestions and gaining consensus around building an “aspirational” or “inspirational” curriculum, and work with the School Committee on the financial and other implications to move toward that vision as part of broader work toward building a strategic plan – organize public conversations toward this end
    • Build bridges between School Committee and school teachers and administrators, and gain greater understanding of what is happening in the schools
    • Understand how data is used to ensure accountability
    • Help the administration build a vision for what our schools should look like in the future