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When to Call the Nurse

Contact the School Nurse if your child:
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  • Has a contagious disease, such as Covid-19, strep throat, flu, or chicken pox. This information will help us take necessary steps to protect the health of other students.
  • If your child has any of the following symptoms: 
    • Fever (100.0° Fahrenheit or higher), chills, or shaking chillsDifficulty breathing or shortness of breath 
    • New loss of taste or smell 
    • Muscle aches or body aches 
    • Cough (not due to other known physician diagnosed cause, such as allergies) 
    • Sore throat, when in combination with other symptoms 
    • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea when in combination with other symptoms 
    • Headache when in combination with other symptoms
  • Your student has been hospitalized. 
  • Your student is excused from physical education.
    • A written note is required. Written notification is also required for return to physical education. 
  • Your student has an injury or illness that may require accommodations during the school day. 
      • An injury that restricts mobility (e.g., casts, crutches, wheelchairs)                                      
      • An illness that affects a child’s ability to function in school for a full day such as infectious mononucleosis (mono), Lyme disease, or recent surgery