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Prescription Medications

If your child needs to take prescription medications during the school day, please do the following:
  1. Download a copy of the Medication Administration Form or contact your child’s school nurse for a copy.
  2. Take the Medication Administration Form to your child’s doctor for completion. This form must be signed by the doctor and the parent/guardian. Note: a doctor’s signature is not required for short term medications (less than 10 days).
  3. Parents/guardians must bring medication to the school nurse. Do not send in medication with your child.
  4. Medication must be supplied in the original container and labeled with the pharmacy label. We cannot accept “loose” medication in baggies. If the medication is also taken at home, ask the pharmacy to dispense medication in two separate containers, one for home and one for school. Only 30 days worth of medication can be accepted at a time.
Note: Some children are eligible to self-administer medications. See the medication self-administration section for details.