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Health Conditions and Care Plans

What is an Individual Health Care Plan?
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Children with special health needs may need an Individual Health Care Plan. The health care plan provides detailed instructions to nurses, teachers and school staff about how to meet your child’s medical needs while s/he is in school. The health care plan is collaboratively developed by the nurse, parent/guardian, and child’s physician and/or specialist.

If your child has any of the following conditions, s/he may need a health care plan: asthma, diabetes; life threatening allergy; seizure disorder; any other health condition that requires specialized nursing care or monitoring (e.g., Cerebral Palsy, Celiac Disease, G-tube Feedings, Intravenous Line Care, Ostomy Care, etc.); or any illness, injury, or recent surgery that requires accommodations during the school day (e.g., rest or assistance traveling through the school).

What are the steps to creating a health care plan?

Who sees the IHCP?
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Health information is kept confidential and is shared with school staff on a “need to know” basis. Teachers, special education teachers and staff, key administrators (Principal, Assistant Principal), school nurse substitutes, teaching substitutes, and others as appropriate, receive only the health information that they need to know to provide your child with education, health, and safety services during the school day. Your school nurse will discuss details with you during the IHCP process.

For a blank copies of our Health Care Plans, select from the list below:
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An Important Note About Before and After School Activities
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Newburyport Public Schools is concerned with the safety and well being of all its children. During school hours a nurse is on duty to provide assessments, first aid, emergency care and medication administration. There is no nurse available during before-school and after-school programs and organized activities (e.g., sports, clubs). If an emergency arises, staff will activate the emergency medical system and the student will be transported to the nearest hospital. Note that after school personnel cannot deliver medical procedures or obtain or administer medications. Students with special health needs are encouraged to carry necessary items (e.g., inhalers, EpiPens) during these times. If your child requires specific assistance during a before or after school activity please contact your child’s school nurse for guidance.