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District Goals 2018-2019

Professional Learning Goal:
Goal Statement: By June 2019, we will enhance our instructional leadership capacity within the district by collaborating with the extended leadership team to expand their knowledge and understanding of best instructional practices that meet the needs of all learners. We will develop strategies, and monitor the use of instructional strategies, through the DESE evaluation process to ensure all staff are appropriately supported in their efforts to meet the needs of students.

Key Action Steps:
  •  Extended Leadership Team will utilize the mentor text and additional resources to guide our Professional Learning Community meetings
  •  Through the process of Learning Walks, observations, & discussions we will be focused on the use of best instructional practices in the classroom.
  •  Extended leadership team members & educator goals will be aligned with a focus on best practice and measured by student growth.
  •  Provide ongoing additional professional development support for district leaders as needed throughout the school year to enhance instructional leadership strategies.
  •  The Extended Leadership Team will work with faculty & support staff to monitor and review assessment results & student work exemplars.
  •  Extended Leadership Team meetings will be structured in a workshop model to share practices and provide ongoing professional development.
  •  Throughout the year, the Extended Leadership Team will share instructional leadership resources and professional reflections via Google classroom.
  •  Update the evaluation software system, (Baseline Edge) to be more user friendly with observation forms that will provide ongoing feedback for teachers and support staff on best practices.
  •  Continue to work with the Extended Leadership Team, faculty and support staff regarding the Newburyport DCAP (District Curriculum Accommodation Plan) accommodations and how to implement best practices.
  •  Collaborate with Extended Leadership Team in determining a plan for classroom visits tied to district/schools goals.
  •  Supervise & evaluate the administration, faculty and support staff while sharing and celebrating best practices.
  •  Establish norms and best practice strategies for classroom visits along with determining consistent feedback protocols.
  •  Calibrate supervision and evaluation practices during Extended Leadership Team meetings.
  •  Develop a professional culture where we provide opportunities for educators to observe one another (peer to peer observations).

Student Learning Goal:

Goal Statement: We will enhance collaboration in building a respectful and trusting learning environment to foster a collective commitment to continuous student improvement. By the end of June of 2019, the administration will support the faculty, in using common assessments within their content area, and or specialized field, to measure student growth for students.

Action Steps:
  •  Continue to work with administration, faculty and support staff to determine baseline, mid-point, and final common assessments to measure student growth
  •  Creation & implementation of common assessments to measure student growth that are consistent with standards and instructional practices.
  •  District and school leaders will provide support and collaboration time for staff in the development of measurable student learning goals and data analysis.
  • Continue the practice of data team analysis.
  • Continue to use and enhance technology for data collection and analysis.
  • Ongoing analysis of assessment benchmarks on regular basis at to measure student progress.
  •  Continue to enhance data analysis through content, department, and grade level teams.

School Improvement Goal
Goal Statement: We will continue to provide opportunities for all staff to develop actions focused on meeting all student’s holistic & academic needs through teaching, curriculum, and assessment methods to be measured through the PLC (Professional Learning Community) format. Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, we will continue to enhance our PLC format with a focus on teaching and student learning so all students can reach their social and academic potential.

Key Action Steps:
  •  District & school leaders will support one another in utilizing professional learning community strategies and resources to facilitate collaboration.
  •  Review current PLC format with feedback from administrators, faculty and support staff.
  •  Through the PLC format, focus on social and academic targets.
  •  Continue to provide PLC opportunities for the faculty and support staff
    facilitating meaningful professional collaboration that encourages sharing of best instructional practices.
  •  Develop a survey for faculty and support staff regarding the PLC format and its effectiveness.
  •  Analyze the survey data to determine if the PLC format outcomes have accomplished their goals.
  •  When appropriate connect PLC work to the Strategic Plan and School Improvement Plans.
  •  Use professional development training and resources to enhance student work protocols.

District Improvement Goal:

In order to achieve our vision of a school culture where all members of the school community work together, build respect, collaborate and are committed to continuous improvement, we will promote and celebrate student and faculty success. This will be a coordinated effort in recognizing and acknowledging best practices and student achievement through various means of recognition.

Key Action Steps:
  •  Share with faculty and support staff that an emphasis on student & staff success will be a priority.
  •  Identify through the teacher evaluation process and learning walks, exemplars of best practices to be shared throughout the school community.
  •  Develop methods to record and store exemplars of observed best practices i.e. Google, Moodle, and Baseline Edge.
  •  Embed peer observation model into regular practice.
  •  Explore various platforms to share and acknowledge best practices and recognition: i.e. – faculty meetings, district professional development, School Committee meetings, and social media.
  • Upgrading district and school websites for easy access in promoting student achievement / success.
  • Create & host a community access monthly television show highlighting the successes of the district, staff and students.