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School Committee Policy ManualTop of Page

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

Section B: Board Governance and Operations

BA: School Committee Operational Goals

BB: School Committee Legal Status

BBA: School Committee Powers and Duties

BB-AA: School Committee Member Authority

BCA: School Committee Organizational Meeting

BCB: School Committee Member Ethics

BCC: School Committee Norms of Interaction

BCD: School Committee Operating Principles

BDB: School Committee Members and Officers

BDD: School Committee – Superintendent Relationship

BDE: Subcommittees of the School Committee

BDF: Advisory Committees to the School Committee

BDFA: School Councils

BDG: School Attorney

BE: School Committee Meetings

BEC: School Committee Executive Sessions

BEDA: Notification of School Committee Meetings

BEDD: Rules of Order for School Committee Meetings

BEDF: Voting Method

BEDG: Minutes

BEDH: Public Participation at School Committee Meetings

BEE: Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings

BG: School Committee Policy Development

BGB: Policy Adoption

BGC: Policy Revision and Review

BGD: School Committee Review of Procedures

BGE: Policy Dissemination

BHC: School Committee-Staff Communications/a>

BHE: Use of Electronic Messaging by School Committee Members

BIA: New School Committee Member Orientation

Section C: General School Administration

Section D: Fiscal Management

Section E: Support Services

Section F: Facilities Development

Section G: Personnel

GA: Personnel Policies Goals

GBA: Equal Employment Opportunity

GBEA: Staff Ethics

GBEB: Staff Conduct

GBEBC: Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff

GBEBD: Crowdfunding

GEBC: Drug Free Workplace

GEBD: Tobacco Use on School Property by Staff

GBGB: Staff Personal Security and Safety

GBGE: Domestic Violence Leave Policy

GBGF: Family and Medical Leave

GBI: Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBJ: Personnel Records

GBK: Staff Complaints and Grievances

GCA: Professional Staff Positions

GCBA: Professional Staff Salary Schedules

GCBB: Employment of Principals

GCBC: Professional Staff Supplementary Pay

GCE: Professional Staff Recruiting

GCF: Professional Staff Hiring

GCG: Substitute Professional Staff Employment

GCIA: Philosophy of Staff Development

GCJ: Professional Teacher Status

GCK: Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCO: Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCQD: Resignation of Professional Staff Members

GCQE: Retirement of Professional Staff Members

GCQF: Suspension and Dismissal of Staff Member

GCRD: Tutoring for Pay

GDA: Support Staff Positions

GDB: Support Staff Contracts and Compensation

GDO: Evaluation of Support Staff

GDQC: Retirement of Support Staff Members

Section H: Negotiations

Section I: Instruction

Section J: Students

JB: Equal Educational Opportunities

JBCA: School Enrollment Residency

JEB: School Age

JF: School Admissions

JFABC: School Admissions - Transfer Students

JFABD: Homeless Students - Enrollment Rights and Services

JFBB: School Choice

JH: Student Absences and Excuses

JI: Student Rights and Responsibilities

JIB: Student Involvement in Decision Making

JIC: Student Discipline

JICA: Student Dress Code

JICB: Student Conduct on School Buses

JICD: Anti-Bullying

JICFA: Hazing

JICFA-E: Hazing Definitions

JICH: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use by Students Prohibited

JIE: Pregnant Students

JIH: Searches and Interrogations

JII: Student Complaints and Grievances

JJ: Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

JJA: Student Organizations

JJE: Student Fundraising

JJF: Student Activity Accounts

JJH: Student Overnight or Late Night Travel

JJH-R: Student Travel Regulations

JJIB: Interscholastic Athletics

JJIF: Athletic Concussion Policy

JJIF-R: Athletic Concussion Protocol

JK: Student Conduct Policy Enforcement

JKA: Corporal Punishment

JKAA: Corporal Restraint of Students

JL: Student Welfare

JLA: Student Insurance

JLC: Student Health Services and Requirements

JLCA: Physical Examination of Students

JLCB: Inoculation of Students

JLCC: Communicable Diseases

JLCD: Administering Medicines to Students

JLD: Guidance Program

JP: Student Gifts and Solicitations

JQ: Student Fees Fines and Charges

JRA: Student Records

JRD: Student Photographs

Section K: Community Relations

Section L: Education Agency Relations

Policy Against Harassment

Tech-Acceptable Use Policy

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Please contact Central Office to set up an appointment to meet with the Assistant Superintendent regarding your home school application and plan. See forms and policies related to home schooling below:

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