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Technology Vision Top of Page

The teachers and administrators of the Newburyport Public Schools arecommitted to a future in which high standards and expectations are set for all students. To that end, we embed technologies throughout the system to improve student learning and system efficiency. 
Information and communication technologies are essential tools for the process of constantly improving our curriculum, instructional and assessment methods. Through the effective integration of technology, our schools will be able to:
  • Provide learning experiences which are active, personalized and involve team work
  • Involve students higher level thinking skills;
  • Focus students on solving real life problems
  • Increase student interaction with people from other parts of the world
  • Approach learning in ways that use information technology ethically and appropriately
The Newburyport School System believes the classroom of the 21st Century will be a place where technology is integrated into all aspects of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Additionally, the vision embraces administrative tasks which will be managed electronically so the school community can access appropriate student and school information online. 
The Newburyport School System also commits to providing student access to well prepared teaching professionals and schools equipped with appropriate instructional resources in every learning environment. As our students move through their school experiences, they will have the training and background necessary to become skilled, productive members of a global workforce.