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Who We Are 
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What is the NEF, and what does it do?
The Newburyport Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization created to offset the financial pressures put on the Newburyport Public Schools. These pressures include rising operating costs because of government mandates, technology needs and rising special education costs.
The inequity between government funds and costs is a result of the per-pupil spending goal from the Education Reform Act of 1993 and rising school costs. Without help meeting these costs, the school system is reducing services. The Newburyport Educational Foundation’s main goal is to raise funds especially to finance programs that might not get money from the government.



To learn more about the NEF, our special events, how to donate or volunteer with the organization, or our programming through the Business Coalition, visit our website at



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The Education/Business Coalition (NEBC) was founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization of educators and business leaders committed to establishing connections between Newburyport Schools and the workplace. One of the first organizations of its kind in New England, the NEBC has since become a recognized leader in providing educators and students alike with opportunities for meaningful, curriculum-based connections between our schools and our business community.
In 2010, the NEBC joined with the NEF to consolidate our efforts, and provide our business partners with a single vehicle for making a difference in the Newburyport Public Schools. Now going by a shorter name,  will continue to support and strengthen its programs, where business partners may volunteer their time and expertise in highly rewarding collaborations with local educators and students.
  • Lydia's Kids Foundation

    Lydia’s Kids Foundation, is a private, charitable fund established to provide for the physical, emotional, or intellectual needs of students in the Newburyport Public Schools. The Foundation focuses on providing funds for short-term needs which can not be met by other agencies or organizations. Since its inception in 1996, teachers, nurses and administrators in the Newburyport Public Schools identify children in need to fund such diverse needs as eye glasses, boots, warm clothing, summer camp tuitions, etc.

  • Adult and Community Education
    Newburyport Adult and Community Education is a self-supporting program. It is under the auspices of the Newburyport Public School System. Its budget is funded primarily from course fees.