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Curriculum & Instruction

District LeadershipTop of Page

Angela Bik, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Phone:  978.465.4456
Emily Russin, PK-8 Literacy Curriculum Coordinator
Phone:  978.465.4456
Elizabeth Kinzly, PK-8 STEM Curriculum Coordinator
Phone:  978.465.44556
Chrissa Pissios, ELL Coordinator
Phone:  978.465.4456
Nancy Tancreti, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  978.465.4456

Curriculum Development ProcessTop of Page

The Assistant Superintendent, in collaboration with Curriculum Coordinators, Administrators, and Curriculum Advisory Board members, provides leadership to educators who serve on grade level teams. Curriculum work includes:
  • Alignment and revision of curriculum
  • Data analysis
  • Researching best practices
  • Collaborative approaches to instructional change