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English Language Learners

7th NHS Annual International Cultural Day

  7th NHS Annual International Cultural Day


Mission/Vision Statement

The English Language Learner (ELL) Program supports the mission of Newburyport Public Schools to ensure that all students achieve to their highest ability, to be able to collaborate, to creatively and critically think, and to effectively communicate.

The mission of the ELL Program in the Newburyport Schools is to provide instruction and programs that promote academic achievement, in English, to students whose primary language is not English and who are not yet proficient in English.  A rigorous academic program is provided to all students using the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks as a base, and incorporating the WIDA* English language development standards, with services focused within the four language domains, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, into both the sheltered content classes and ESL.  The district is committed to providing the necessary and relevant resources to support our ELLs and their individual needs.

Our English language learners (ELLs) and their families are supported both culturally and linguistically through the diligent care of our ESL Teachers, who act as the bridge to understanding the cultural expectations of the district and community of Newburyport.

The Newburyport Public Schools is committed to its obligation under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Title 11). As part of the District's obligations, during initial student registration, all parents/guardians will be inquired, in their native language or a language they can understand, whether they would like notices and information from their child's school and the District to be provided in a language other than English. The District will record this information in all relevant student information files or folders and in any electronic student information system. In addition, during initial student registration, the District will also inquire whether parents/guardians require the student-parent handbook translated and, upon Parent request, the District will translate the parent-student handbook into the Parents' native language or a language they can understand.

All notices or documents containing essential information will also be translated for parents/guardians who have requested notices in a language other than English. Essential information includes but is not limited to the following: information about special education matters arising under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (e.g., IEP or 504 meetings); report cards and other academic progress reports; information about the disciplinary process; requests for parent/guardian permission for student participation in District/school-sponsored programs and activities; promotional materials and announcements distributed to students that contain information about school and District activities for which notice is needed to participate in such activities (e.g., testing, activities requiring an application, parent-teacher conferences, open houses); student-parent handbooks; documents concerning enrollment or registration; Documents concerning academic options and planning; documents concerning screening procedures requesting a student's language background and a parent's/guardian's preferred method of communication; information related to public health and safety; and any other written information describing the rights and responsibilities of parents/guardians or students and the benefits and services available to parents/guardians and students. The District will also provide written or oral translations of information that is not deemed "essential information" upon receiving a reasonable, specific request for such information from limited-English proficiency ("LEP") parents/guardians.

In addition, when a District employee needs to communicate with an LEP parent/guardian orally regarding essential information, the communication will be provided, without undue delay, in a language that the parent/guardian understands by means of a qualified interpreter.

Our district currently has numerous K-12 English language learners. They are from many different countries and speak many different languages.  Some of the languages represented are Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, French, Arabic, and Amharic.  

We have three certified ESL teachers who provide English Language Development (ELD) to our students.

EL Coordinator:

LisaMarie Ippolito, Assistant Superintendent

Phone: 978-465-4456  Email:

ESL Teachers:

Chrissa Pissios   Grades  9-12
Phone:  978-465-4447   Email:

Nancy Kreusser  Grades 4-8   
Phone:  978-465-4447    Email:

Emily De La Cruz    Grades K-3
Phone:  978-465-4431     Email:

Kevin Stack      Grades K-8    Email:
ELL Parent Community Liaison:
Juliana Cuddy     Email:

ELL Teams

We have an ELL Team in each school - Bresnahan, Molin, Nock, High School

ELL Team Responsibilities

The team was formed for the oversight of student screening, student progress, and revision of curriculum, programming, and service delivery based on the needs of the ELL students.  The work of this team includes the development of English Learner Education (ELE) program procedures for providing support and accommodations that will give all students access to the core curriculum.   The team consists of ESL Teachers, building administrators, classroom teacher representatives with ELL students, and the EL Director.   The ELL Team meets quarterly to review data of student needs, student progress, and curriculum and service delivery. 

ELL Parent Group

Newburyport Public Schools believes that parents play an important role in their students' programs and should be involved in all aspects of their education. Building a relationship between the parents and school professionals is important to the success of the student's academic and social life.

We established an ELL Parent Group.  Through this group we hope to:

  • Help parents understand our schools' culture and procedures
  • Improve communications between staff and parents
  • Make it possible for parents to meet other parents
  • Stress the importance of home language
  • Help parents understand the school's ELL program and its benefits