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The Explore classes work in collaboration with all middle school disciplines to enhance students' academic learning, social, emotional and cognitive development.


Students in grades six, seven, and eight continue to develop their skills and knowledge base of the elements and principles of design. Instruction includes broad based studio art activities that use a variety of media. Art history, the development of aesthetics, critical and analytic thinking skills, plus the implementation of technology, are all integrated aspects of this curriculum.



Long regarded as a means of improving students' academic abilities without drill and practice in a specific academic area (mathematic skills, in particular, are shown to benefit), the middle school instrumental music curriculum offers students the opportunity to continue the development of those music skills and knowledge first introduced in grade 5. Grades 6 through 8 students participating in the Nock Instrumental Music program attend a band rehearsal and a group instrument lesson, by grade level, once during every rotation of the 5-block Explore schedule. A band rehearsal is also held every Monday during the Explore block. Auditions for the after school Jazz Band program are held each spring and are open to all students in grades six and seven currently participating in the instrumental music program. All middle school performing groups participate in both the winter and spring concerts.

For further information concerning the benefits of an instrumental music education, please visit or Google "music education advocacy."