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Curriculum & Instruction Glossary

Curriculum & Instruction



DDM                 District Determined Measures-district built assessments to measure student growth

SRSD         Self-Regulated Strategy Development-Instructional writing strategies

UBD              Understanding by design- Structure for unit developments focused on transfer learning

MCAS         Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System-current state testing systems

IEP                   Individualize Education Program

504               “Section 504” is a civil rights law for individuals with disabilities designed to prevent any form of discrimination based on disabilities.

SEI               Structured English Immersion-Practices for educating English Language                                   Learning in the general education classroom

ELL                  English Language Learners-Students who have a native language other than English

WIDA               World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment-Students esting for English Language Learners

DESE         Mass Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

STEM           Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

PDC             Professional Development Council

CAB             Curriculum Advisory Board

NGSS           Next Generation Science Standards

CCSS             Common Core State Standards

Spell Link   Phonics Early Elementary/Work Study Program

DIBELS         Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills   (Assessment)    

ALICE  Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Counter, Evacuate Safety Protocol

IA                Instructional Assistant

SPED           Special Education

Responsive Classroom School Culture & Character Classroom Education Program

ABA                 Applied Behavior Analysis

Executive Functioning Organization Management

PLC             Professional Learning Community

MCU                 Model Curriculum Unit

BCBA           Board Certified Behavior Analysis