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A Note on the Consent Forms
We will need a consent form for each student before we can test. Parents will complete the consent form on Project Beacon (see links below) or by paper copy. The Project Beacon consent form is a confidential, HIPAA compliant form that authorizes the school to include your child in our weekly pool tests and any necessary individual diagnostic follow up tests (in the event a pool is positive). For more details, please see the DESE FAQ page.
The consent forms are school specific. Be sure to access the correct form for your child's school. If you make an error and submit a form to the wrong school, contact that school’s nursing staff, and let them know. You will only need to submit a consent form once.
Be sure to select 'create new account' and since you are completing this consent form for your child, select 'secondary profile'.
 STUDENT Consent Letters with Form Links 
 STAFF Consent Form Links