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Brainpop Gr 3+ movies on all topics
Brainpop Jr. K-3, free movies
English Vocabulary FreeRice
Funbrain Online Books & Graphic Novels Diary of a Wimpy Kid • Amelia Writes Again & more
Health, BrainPop Jr Provides educational movies for K-3 students. Homework Help, leveled quizzes, games and activities for kids.
Into the Book Strategies for Reading Comprehension for K-4 students and teachers
Investigations SuccessNet login required
Mrs. Ames: Animal Photos  
Science, BrainPop Jr Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts & Music and English movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help for K-12 kids
Skills Builder links in all subjects to specific Grade Level National
Social Studies, BrainPop Jr American History, biographies, communities, government, Native Americans and social studies movies
Spelling City VocabularySpellingCity is an educational game website that helps you learn vocabulary and spelling through 25 interactive learning games and activities.
Tumblebooks Online Library of Narrated Books & Games
Wordle Creative Word Clouds

3rd Grade Language Arts : Reading/Writing
1- Reading

Tumblebooks Online Library of Narrated Books & Games

Into the Book: Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Funbrain Online Books & Graphic Novels
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Amelia Writes Again & more

Genre: Nonfiction Poetry

Brainpop Jr: Character Main Idea Make Inferences Reading Nonfiction Setting Plot Elements of a Story

2- Writing:

BBC's Bitesize English/Writing:
Stories:Writing a Beginning, Middle, End Stories: Planning,
Letter Writing Writing Instructions

Parts of Speech
Wacky Tales- similar to Mad Libs

Brainpop Jr.: Similes Synonyms and Antonyms Nouns
Types of Sentences Writing a Paragraph Writing About Yourself Writing with the Senses Poems Sending a Letter Short Story
Book Reports How-To Essay

Comic Creators: Bitstrips Comiqs
Scholastic: Charlotte Web Comix Creator
Some examples of using Comics: Conifers, Immigration

Organizers: Comic Strip Planning Video Storyboard

Book Report Ideas

3- Writing:
Word Sounds & Meaning

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BBC's Bitesize English/Grammar:
Punctuation Spelling Adjectives & Adverbs Noun/Verb Activity

Rhyming Dictionary Dictionary Activity Spelling City

Brainpop Jr. Rhyming Words

3rd Grade Math
1 - Math


Harcourt's ThinkMath for Third Grade Online Math Dictionary
Free Tetris Mastermind Tangrams

Brainpop Jr. : Place Value Graphs

2- Math Facts

Number Sense

& Regrouping


Illuminations: Ten Frame

BBC's Bitesize Math: Addition Subtraction
Math Facts Cafe
addition/subtraction flashcards

Brainpop: Associative Property

Models: Regrouping Addition Show me: Regrouping Addition
Regrouping Subtraction Show me: Regrouping Subtraction
E-lab Regrouping Subtraction

3- Telling Time

Math Fact Cafe
: Time Flashcards
Brainpop Jr. Parts of a Clock

Harcourt Math: Telling Time E-Lab: Time to the Minute
Understanding Time

4- Money

Math Fact Cafe
: Money Flashcards

Harcourt Math: E-lab: Equivilant Coins Show me: Add Money


5- Fractions

Brainpop Jr.: Parts of a Whole

Harcourt Math: Fractions Fraction Elab


6- Multiplication

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Illuminations: Times Table

Brainpop Jr. - Arrays Brainpop: Associative Property

Harcourt Math- Patterns on a hundreds chart Multiplication Mystery
The Meaning of Multiplication Using Arrays Arrays E-lab

7- Graphing

NCES Kids Zone: Create Your Own Graph


3rd Grade Science
1- Life Science

BBC Schools- Bitesize Science: Living Things, Animals

Plants: Detective LePlante Enchanted Learning: Plants

Brainpop Jr.- Camouflage Food Chain Plant Life Cycle Parts of a Plant
Brainpop: Snowflakes

2- Physical Science

Simple Machines Edheads BrainpopJr Simple Machines

Magnets & Springes Circuits & Conductors Changing Circuits

BBC Bitesize Science: Light & Dark Sound

Brainpop Jr.: Sound Light Science Projects

3- Earth Science

Weather: BBC What is Weather How Weather Affects People

BBC Bitesize Science: Rocks & Soil The Rock Cycle, Volcanoes- see movies within activity

Dragonfly : projects promoting voice, conservation, and global understanding via Miami University.

Recycling: Planet Pals

Brainpop Jr.: Earth Solar System The Moon

4- Health

How the Body Works
Heart & Lungs

Brainpop Jr.: Health

5- Science

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Brainpop: Famous Scientists

Scott Foresman: Grade Three
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Brainpop Jr.: All Science

3rd Grade Social Studies
1- Geography

City of Boston: The Freedom Trail

Interactive Games
Coast to Coast Geography Game Connect the States
US Geography by Region (with Buster)

Online Atlas, Enchanted Learning

2 - Govt

Ben's Guide to the US Government

3- People

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Sweet Search Bios BioCube- Focus your information- Activity
White House for Kids: Presidents Biographies A & E's Bios
Great American Women

America's Library - investigate Primary Resources from history Library of Congress- Videos, Sound Clips, Timelines
Library of Congress

Brainpop: Famous Scientists- click on the link to see movies on Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie

Women in Science: I was Wondering: learn via Comics, Timelines & Games

Interactive Bios- Squanto, Christopher Columbus, Johnny Appleseed

Local Native Americans: Wampanoag
Comparison of Daily Life: Wampanoag/Pilgrim

Plimoth Plantation, an interactive experience

Online Timelines Tools:


3rd Technology

Growing with Technology- Level 3 (contains typing program as well)

Typing: BBC's Typing Mat Type

Internet Safety/Media Literacy : PBS Web License Brainpop Jr.

Critical Thinking About Media & Advertising : Don't Buy It!