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Grade Two

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Brainpop Jr. - Engaging movies hook students' imagination & curiosity in Math, Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Health
Communication: Listening & Speaking

PearsonSuccessNet RainforestMaths! Enchanted Learning

Second Grade Skills Help- links in all subjects to specific Grade Level National Standards

2nd Grade Language Arts : Phonics

1- Phonics


BBC Schools : BBC: Words and Pictures
Vowel Phonemes- Sandcastle Long Vowel Sounds Postcards
CVC Words- Crankophone

Consonant Clusters- Word Blender

Brainpop Jr.: Rhyming, Short Vowels

- It's Fun to Read

2nd Grade Language Arts : Reading/Writing
1- Reading

Online Library of Narrated Books/Games
Starfall- I'm Reading

Into the Book: Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Funbrain- Online Books & Graphic Novels (no sound)

Brainpop Jr: Character Main Idea Make Inferences Reading Nonfiction Setting Making Predictions

Folktales/Fables- Cinderella from Around the World
Whootie's Stories to Grow By
Reader's Theater Scripts Elements of a Story

BBC Genre: Nonfiction Poetry

Character Web Sites: Junie B. Jones Horrid Henry Camp Babymouse Magic TreeHouse Magic School Bus

2- Writing

BBC's Bitesize English/Writing:
Stories:Writing a Beginning, Middle, End
Stories: Planning,
Letter Writing Writing Instructions

PBS Kids Reading Rainbow- Constructing Silly Sentences
MadLibs official Site Wacky Tales- like Mad Libs

Brainpop Jr.: Similes Synonyms and Antonyms Nouns
Types of Sentences Writing a Paragraph Writing About Yourself Writing with the Senses Poems Sending a Letter Short Story
Book Reports How-To Essay Contractions

Comic Creators: Bitstrips Comiqs
Scholastic: Charlotte Web Comix Creator
Some examples of using Comics: Conifers, Immigration

Organizers: Comic Strip Planning Video Storyboard

3- Grammar & Rhyming

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BBC's Bitesize English/Grammar:
Punctuation Spelling Adjectives & Adverbs Noun/Verb Activity

Rhyming Dictionary Dictionary Activity

Brainpop Jr. Rhyming Words

2nd Grade Math
1 - Math

Investigations Gr 2: PearsonSuccessNet

Harcourt's ThinkMath for Grade Two RainforestMaths!

2- Number Sense

Math Facts

Place Value


Illuminations: Ten Frame
How Many Under the Shell

Brainpop Jr. Place Value 100 Comparing Numbers Even & Odd Counting On Doubles Making Ten

BBC's Bitesize Math: Addition, Subtraction

Harcourt Math:
Fun with Number Lines Numbers to 100 Comparing Gumballs "Count Back" using a Number Line

Math Facts Cafe
addition/subtraction flashcards

Models: Regrouping Addition Show me: Regrouping Addition
Regrouping Subtraction Show me: Regrouping Subtraction

3- Telling Time

Brainpop Jr: Parts of a Clock
Time to the Hour Calendars & Dates

Math Fact Cafe: Time Flashcards

Harcourt Math Calendar Skills

4- Money

Brainpop Jr: Counting Coins
Dollars and Cents

Math Fact Cafe: Money Flashcards

Harcourt Math Comparing Money

Curious George: Counting Money Setting Up Shop

5- Patterns

& Probability

Brainpop Jr: Probability Making Ten

Illuminations: Probability Patch Pattern Tool

BBC's Bitesize Math: Number Patterns

Harcourt Math: Skip Count by 5s & 10s Skip Count by 2s & 3s Pattern Builder using Music Meet Paul Pattern

6- Fractions



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Brainpop Jr: Basic Parts of a Whole
Tally Charts & Bar Graphs Inches & Feet Cups, Quarts, Pints, Gallons Ounces, Pounds, Tons

Harcourt Math:
Bowling for Fractions
Data Analysis Tally Marks, Tables, Pictographs
Measurement Length, Weight & Area

Illuminations: Pan Balance

Definitions: Online Math Dictionary

2nd Grade Science
1- Life Science

Plants: Brainpop Jr. Plants- Plant Life Cycle Parts of a Plant
Sid the Science Kid:
Growing Plants Enchanted Learning: Plants
Detective LePlante

Animals: National Geo for Kids Creature Features
Brainpop Jr
Animals- Camoflauge Food Chain Classifying Animals Hibernation Migration

Curious George: Habitats Animal Tracks

BBC Schools- Bitesize Science: Living Things Animals

Brainpop Jr Habitats- Deserts Rainforests Freshwater Habitats

Dinosaurs: Field Guide from PBS Brainpop Jr : Fossils
Enchanted Learning: Zoom Dinosaurs

2- Physical Science

Brainpop Jr Energy: Heat Sound Light

Curious George: Sounds Like

December Light Unit Online Resources:
Tumblebooks: Light in the Darkness, The Moon Ring, Hello Sun, Crab Moon, 50 Below Zero

BBC Schools- Bitesize Science: Light & Dark Sound

Sid the Science Kid: Change Caused by Heat Change Caused By Cold

Brainpop Jr
Matter: Changing States of Matter Solids, Liquids & Gases

BBC Schools- Bitesize Science:
Changing States of Matter Characteristics of Materials Gases Solids & Liquids

Brainpop Jr
Forces: Magnets Simple Machines Sink or Float

BBC Schools- Bitesize Science:Magnets & Springes
Circuits & Conductors Changing Circuits

Curious George: Magnets

3- Earth Science

Brainpop Jr
: Seasons Fall Winter The Water Cycle

What is Weather, How Weather Affects People

Rocks, Soil & Environmental Awareness
Brainpop Jr:
Soil Rocks & Minerals Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Landforms Slow Land Changes

Sid the Science Kid: Dirt Detectives

Curious George : Recycling

BBC Bitesize Science: Rocks & Soil The Rock Cycle

Dragonfly : projects promoting voice, conservation, and global understanding via Miami University.

Planet Pals : promoting conservation

Brainpop Jr: Earth Solar System The Moon The Sun

4- Health
How the Body Works
Heart & Lungs

5- Science

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Brainpop Jr.: Scientific Method Making Observations Science Projects

Brainpop: Famous Scientists

Scott Foresman: Grade Two
Bill Nye the Science Guy

2nd Grade Social Studies
1- Geography



Build your Own Neighborhood Elwood City's Interactive Map
US Geography by Region (with Buster)

Research Different Countries: Nat. Geo for Kids Online Atlas Enchanted Learning Continents & Oceans Game

Brainpop Jr: Mexico Reading Maps Rural, Suburban, & Urban School Homes

2 - Govt




Ben's Guide to the US Government

Brainpop Jr - U.S. Symbols The President Needs and Wants Rights and Responsibilities Local & State Governments Goods & Services

Enchanted Learning: Barack Obama

Scholastic: Immigration

3- Biographies



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MY Family History: PBS Go Kids! Family Ties
Tell Your Autobiography- Story board Template pics/words/voice

Biographies: BioCube- Focus your information- Activity

Online Timelines Tools:

America's Library- from Library of Congress- Videos, Sound Clips, Timelines
Timelines PBS American Presidents
White House for Kids: Presidents Biographies A & E's Bios
Great American Women

Weekly Reader Interactive Bios: Squanto Columbus Johnny Appleseed

Brainpop Jr Bios: George Washington Abraham Lincoln George Washington Carver Harriet Tubman Johnny A ppleseed

Brainpop Bios- Helen Keller Jackie Robinson George Washington
Famous Scientists- click on the link to see movies on:
Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie,
Black History Month

America's Library Timeline/Bios-
Presidents: Abraham Lincoln George Washington
Leaders/Statesman: Benjamin Franklin Pocahontas
Activists: Martin Luther King Jr. Harriet Tubman Helen Keller
Explorers: Amelia Earhart Lewis and Clark
Inventors: George Washington Carver Thomas Edison be sure to check out some of the first movies ever created!

2nd Technology

Growing with Technology- Level 2

Internet Safety/Media Literacy : PBS Web License Brainpop Jr.

Critical Thinking About Media & Advertising : Don't Buy It!

BrainPOP Jr. - Lesson Plans for K-3 Teachers

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