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Newburyport Education Foundation

The Mission of the Newburyport Education Foundation is to bring philanthropy into the Newburyport Public Schools and generate financial resources that will enhance the quality of public education.

Formed to enhance educational opportunities for the City's public school children, the goal of the Newburyport Education Foundation is to supplement funding for programs which are already supported by public financing at a basic level, but which can be substantially improved by additional private sector financing, and to finance programs that might not receive funding from traditional sources such as the district budget or state aid. Visit to learn more about fundraising events, alumni connections, donation and naming opportunities, the Ed Award, the Business coalition, Teacher Tributes, and more.

Education Business Coalition

The Education Business Coalition was founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization of educators and business leaders committed to establishing connections between Newburyport Schools and the workplace. One of the first organizations of its kind in New England, the NEBC has since become a recognized leader in providing educators and students alike opportunities for meaningful, curriculum based connections between our schools and our business community. The Education Business Coalition joined together with the Newburyport Education Foundation in 2010.

Lydia's Kids Foundation

  • Lydia’s Kids Foundation, is a private, charitable fund established to provide for the physical, emotional, or intellectual needs of students in the Newburyport Public Schools. The Foundation focuses on providing funds for short-term needs which can not be met by other agencies or organizations. Since its inception in 1996, teachers, nurses and administrators in the Newburyport Public Schools identify children in need to fund such diverse needs as eye glasses, boots, warm clothing, summer camp tuitions, etc.


    March 1: Gail Derrivan, $100 March 16: NHS Academy, $50

    March 2: Stephanie Karahalis, $50 March 17: Taylor Turbide, $250

    March 3: Marie Blais, $50 March 18: Peggy Lysik, $50

    March 4: Linda Gershuny, $50 March 19: Julia Bald, $50

    March 5: Shannon Dullea, $50 March 20: Eileen Barry, $100

    March 6: Lorraine Dow, $50 March 21: Tyler Paine, $50

    March 7: Sue Conte, $50 March 22: Amanda Packard, $50

    March 8: George Willey, $50 March 23: Robert Leblanc, $50

    March 9: Janae Derrico, $75 March 24: Dawn DelTorchio, $50

    March 10: Joanne Brislin, $50 March 25: Peter Hill, $75

    March 11: Steve Laffie, $50 March 26: Traci Hawk, $50

    March 12: Deann Boulay, $75 March 27: Michael Nesson, $50

    March 13: Donna Hayden, $50 March 28: Nancy Alcorn, $50

    March 14: Stella & Jake Badalament $50 March 29: Dan Radebaugh, $50

    March 15: Jennifer Spina, $50 March 30: Jessica Leblanc, $75

      March 31: Jake Buontempo, $100

    Thank you everyone for contributing to the welfare of our students! See you next year!


  • Newburyport High School Alumni Association

    The Newburyport High School Alumni Association is in it's 28th year! 
    Alumni Association Meeting Dates for 2016: April 13; May 11; June 8; July 13; July 28:Yankee Homecoming Reception Honoring 40, 50 & 60 year classes; 1976, 1966, 1956; Sept. 4, and October 12. All meetings in the Distance Learning Lab at NHS, 7:00 PM.
    May 2016: News

    This is a very busy time for the NHS Alumni Association. The recipients of our scholarships will be announced at the Awards Night later this month. Several very deserving seniors will be recognized. We will present $14,000 in scholarships, and the grand total for all will be close to $250,000. Truly amazing!

    The scholarship committee was chaired by Janet Webster Sheehan '47, with Linda Eusko  Gallagher '62, and Deb Thurlow Kerr '77, serving as well.

    The Yankee Homecoming All Class Reception is scheduled for Thursday, August 4, in the NHS Clipper Cafe starting at 7 pm. The following special classes will be honored 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976 and 1986, as well as the 25th reunion class of 1991. A short program is planned and light refreshments will be served. It is hoped that many alumni  will come and renew old friendships. Local Cable TV will be filming the affair for airing during the month of August.

    March 2016: NEWS

    The NHS Alumni Association Scholarship Committee comprised of Janet Sheehan '47, Chair; Debbie Thurlow Kell '77 and Linda Gallagher '62 will begin processing the applications next month. Presentation of the recipients will be at the NHS Awards Night May 28.

    The annual Yankee Homecoming Reception for all classes will be Thursday, July 28 in the Clipper Cafe starting at 7 pm. Special recognition will be for the 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year classes celebrating reunions this year. Please contact President Richard Doyle with information about these events. 

    JANUARY 2016: NEWS

    The  NHS Alumni Association Official annual newsletter will be mailed this month. All members in good standing who have paid their dues can plan on receiving a copy. President Richard Doyle was editor and included interesting information about the school. Anyone wishing to contribute anything for the next issue should contact him. Also, we are working on an electronic edition of the newsletter as we attempt to attract younger alumni to join our group.

    Adult and Community Education

    Newburyport Adult and Community Education is a self-supporting program. It is under the auspices of the Newburyport Public School System. Its budget is funded primarily from course fees.
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